The Honorary Consulate office is located on Upper Lucas Street, St. George's, Grenada. This website was created to dissolve the geographical distant feeling between Grenada and the Republic of Korea in an effort to bring together people from these two countries. Grenada has a largely tourism-based, small, open economy. Over the past two decades, the economy has shifted from one of agriculture-dominant into that of services-dominant, with tourism serving as the leading foreign currency earning sector. Since the establishment of diplomatic tie between Korea and Grenada on August 1, 1974, we have maintained strong relations to this date. At present there is an estimated 20 or more South Korean Students studying at the St. George's University and the goal is to continue to build relations between both countries. I hope that this web site will be a help to enhance a better understanding of Korea and it's cooperation with Grenada.

On October 29th,2014 The Republic of Korea and Grenada celebrated forty years of diplomatic relations with a gala event at the Grenada Trade Centre ,Grand Anse,St.Georges.Relations continue to strengthen between these two nations.

Jerry A. Seales  -  Esq. Honorary Consul Republic of Korea-Grenada

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